Mats Lundqvist

070-640 50 11


Founder. Worked in the financial industry for over 20 years with national players and 2 smaller regional venture capital firms, in addition to 30 years of experience of board work often in owner-managed companies. Business broker since 2012.

Ola Mårtensson

072-735 84 00


Has been a professional in the banking market in Germany for nine years, including as Senior Relationship Manager. Since then, he has been employed by SEB, Danske Bank, FIH and Nordea in Sweden in similar positions. Business broker since 2014. Benefits daily from the solid national and international experience in the financial market. Master of Business Administration degree 1992 from Lund University.

Håkan Lahti

070-580 10 21


Managerial experience from the insurance, banking and finance industry and subsequently employment as CEO of manufacturing and service-producing companies. Håkan has also been active as a transaction advisor within Swedbank Företagsförmedling for over 10 years.

Mats Sjölin

070-335 66 63


Mats has been active in the financial sector for more than 30 years. Mats has worked as an Options Market Maker, Option Broker, in Corporate Finance at the Swedish broker Mangold Fondkommission and as an institutional broker at HSBC’s Stockholm branch. Mats was a co-founder of the Swedish Internet bank Nordnet Bank. Mats has worked with corporate transactions and M&A since 2005 and has a degree from SSE, Stockholm School of Economics.

Per Sidfeldt

070-794 24 82


Per has many years of experience from leading positions in finance and stockbroking (1978-1993).
Operated art gallery and art shop (1994-2008). Has worked as a business broker since 2008. M.Sc.

Peter Carlsson

072-577 97 77


Founder. Peter has been active in the financial industry for over twenty years, of which more than half as Vice President at SEB in New York. Prior to that, Peter worked in a family-owned consulting business with business development consulting for companies. Peter has been working with corporate brokerage of owner-managed companies since 2012. Bachelor’s degree from Hamilton College & MBA degree from Copenhagen Business School.